5 Best SOC 2 Compliance Software for 2024

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By Muhammad Hussain

Today, businesses handle vast amounts of data from various sources, and staying compliant can be challenging. However, SOC 2 compliance software emerges as a vital solution, offering automation that makes achieving compliance more feasible. Moreover, it plays an essential role in earning your customers’ trust.

Traditionally, preparing for SOC 2 audits involved time-consuming processes. Yet, SOC 2 compliance software makes the task easy, providing an efficient and automated alternative. As the need for robust security practices continues to grow, investing in the proper compliance automation tool becomes crucial. 

This article explores the five best SOC 2 compliance software for 2024, helping you make intelligent choices for streamlined and secure compliance processes.

How to choose SOC 2 Compliance software?

Consider these key factors when choosing SOC 2 compliance software:

  • Unified Solution: Seek a platform to streamline tasks like gap assessment, vulnerability testing, and finding CPAs through partnerships.
  • Pre-built Templates: Choose software with pre-built templates for quick SOC 2 policy creation, potentially offering customization.
  • Framework Coverage: Ensure the software covers SOC 2 and other frameworks like ISO 27001, GDPR, and HIPAA for future organizational needs.
  • Efficiency and Avoiding Duplication: Select a tool that avoids redundant efforts by leveraging previous work when adopting additional compliance frameworks.
  • Integration Capabilities: Assess the software’s integration with your tech stack to automate tasks and save time effectively.

The 5 Best SOC 2 Compliance Software

Here is a list of the best SOC 2 compliance software:

1. CyberArrow


CyberArrow stands out with a robust compliance automation suite, guaranteeing rapid certification through seamless integration into core functions. Its cutting-edge automation ensures efficiency, accuracy, and consistency, meeting crucial SOC 2 requirements for sustained business growth. 

It provides a streamlined and reliable solution for organizations committed to maintaining high compliance standards.

Key Features

  1. CyberArrow ensures your ongoing cyber security compliance scanning by gathering evidence from 60+ integrations with pre-approved templates.
  1. It seamlessly integrates with your compliance needs, monitors security posture 24/7, and triggers alerts for proactive risk management.
  1. It utilizes advanced algorithms, supports enterprise risk management, and comes pre-mapped with 3000+ risks and mitigations across 50+ security standards.
  1. This platform delivers real-time security posture monitoring through automated reports, enhancing communication and transparency.
  1. CyberArrow conducts seamless assessments to ensure vendors meet stringent security standards, empowering proactive management of external partnerships.


  • Fast onboarding and easy deployment of CyberArrow within 30 minutes
  • Guarantees compliance in just three weeks
  • Comprehensive compliance scans and reports
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Only available in 2 languages (English & Arabic)

2. Vanta


Vanta aids businesses in preparing for compliance audits, including SOC 2 or other widely used security frameworks. The software generates readiness assessments, offering insights into the current state and proactive strategies for enhancement. With continuous monitoring, 

Vanta’s SOC 2 compliance software ensures seamless compliance maintenance through automation and audits.

Key Features

  1. Vanta instantly spots and resolves issues with real-time automated tests.
  1. You can seamlessly connect with Vanta using 100+ pre-built or custom integrations for automated service monitoring.
  1. Vanta helps you avoid vulnerabilities by pulling data from pre-built integrations with vulnerability scanners.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Prompt customer support.
  • Capabilities driven by API.


  • Limited customization options
  • More tutorials are required

3. Drata


Drata eases SOC 2 compliance for businesses, emphasizing seamless automation in evidence collection from their tech stacks. This accelerates the compliance process, ensuring accuracy and timeliness. 

It allows businesses to demonstrate serious commitment to security and compliance without extensive manual efforts, a must-have for building customer trust.

Key Features

  1. Streamlines evidence collection and testing using well-crafted automation tools for compliance.
  1. Centralizes management of SOC 2 and diverse frameworks like ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR
  1. Maintains continuous compliance and enhances data security through vigilant monitoring


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Accelerate audit readiness.
  • Help from compliance expert assistance.


  • High prices for basic business needs
  • Needs improved collaboration tools

4. Sprinto


Sprinto excels as a SOC 2 compliance software, seamlessly integrating risk management and delivering holistic security compliance. It autonomously strengthens your cyber security stance, ensuring federal compliance and real-time disruption mitigation. Compatible with any cloud setup, Sprinto consolidates risk, maps controls, and performs automated checks from a unified dashboard.

Key Features

  1. Vigilant monitoring of critical assets with automated alerts for deviations
  1. It includes continuous vulnerability scanning, incident management, and seamless tool integration.
  1. Sprinto allows leveraging work across compliance frameworks by mapping shared controls for various standards.


  • Swift setup and deployment
  • Centralized visibility and progress tracking
  • There is no impact on engineering bandwidth


  • Intensive tasks may heavily consume resources
  • Service data transmitted via trial services is lost without a subscription purchase

5. LogicGate


LogicGate, a premier risk and compliance management platform, specializes in identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks. Focused on SOC 2 and other compliance standards, it offers robust solutions to strengthen organizations against evolving risks, ensuring a proactive and comprehensive approach to risk management and compliance adherence.

Key Features

  1. Supervise third-party vendor risks effectively.
  1. Generate detailed reports and analytics for progress tracking and identifying improvement areas.
  1. Enhance audit efficiency through streamlined processes and collaboration tools.


  • LogicGate sends task-due notifications.
  • Simplifies reporting with diverse export formats.
  • Offers metrics for workflow performance tracking


  • Restricted customization choices
  • Manual input of numerous fields, like the test plan description

Final Words

SOC 2 compliance software has become necessary for organizations. It’s a strategic investment fortifying them against evolving cyber threats, demonstrating an uncompromising commitment to data security and privacy.

CyberArrow, our top choice, stands out with streamlined processes, low-touch audits, and comprehensive automation covering manual tasks. It also supports 50+ cyber security standards, including ISO 27001 and GDPR. The CyberArrow platform ensures effortless compliance, making it the optimal choice for robust cyber security measures.

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What is SOC 2 compliance software?

SOC 2 compliance software automates tasks, ensuring a real-time overview of security programs. It simplifies evidence collection for seamless and accurate SOC 2 compliance.

Who are the SOC 2 Compliance providers?

Some of the leading SOC 2 compliance providers include CyberArrow, Sprinto, Drata, Secureframe, Vanta, and LogicGate. These platforms offer robust solutions for achieving and maintaining SOC 2 compliance.

How much does SOC Type 2 compliance cost?

For SOC Type 2 compliance, costs vary between $ 7,000 and $50,000, depending on factors like organization size, system complexity, audit readiness, chosen Trust Service Criteria (TSCs), and auditor type.