Snapchat Plus Subscribers Can Now Get Creative with AI-Generated Snaps

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By Hiba Akbar

Snapchat is delivering a couple of new artificial intelligence features for Snapchat Plus subscribers, the organization reported on Tuesday. Users can now generate and send AI-generated snaps derived from a text prompt. Subscribers now have the added benefit of utilizing the app’s Dream selfie feature with friends, in addition to gaining access to a new AI extension tool.

Snapchat announced the new features in their post and mentioned, “There are already so many ways for Snapchat Plus members to express themselves with Al, whether they’re creating an original Generative Al Bitmoji Background or Chat Wallpaper, transforming themselves in imaginative ways with Dreams, or learning about the world through conversation with My Al. Now we’re offering subscribers even more ways to create, edit, and capture images that inspire continued connection through visual conversation.”

Key Takeaways

  • In addition to a number of other updates, Snapchat has launched generative AI photos for Snapchat Plus users.
  • An “AI-powered expand instrument” that can complete the framework of a magnified picture is also now available to users. The updates affirm Snapchat’s continued obligation to consolidate artificial intelligence.

Introducing the Al-powered image generator, the organization said, “In just a few words, use Al to create and send a Snap of whatever you know will make a friend’s day, even when the perfect scene is out of sight.”

Subscribers can use the “AI” option on the right corner of the screen to access the AI photo generator. When you select it, you will be able to look over a choice of prompts, for example, “a star made of cheddar” or “a windy night at the ocean side,” to get an artificial intelligence picture. 

On the other hand, you can write in your condition, for example, “a cat dozing on a rocket.” The application will begin creating your image as soon as you select or type a prompt. When it’s prepared, you can choose to alter it, download and share it with your friends.

In addition to being able to create and share AI-generated snaps with friends, Snapchat Plus users can now create AI-generated snaps for their bitmoji as well as chat wallpapers.

Snapchat didn’t share which explicit model is controlling the element, yet informed TechCrunch through a mail that the organization has a few arrangements with accomplices to utilize their essential models.

Dream, which is Snapchat’s generative Artificial Intelligence selfie feature, is now available to subscribers. You can use this feature to generate imaginary photos of yourself or your friends in various situations. You can also generate an AI photo of yourself and choose any of your friends to appear magically right next to you with this new update. You can, for example, make a picture of yourself and a friend dressed as fairies and either send it to them or post it to your update. According to the organization, Snapchat Plus subscribers receive eight Dreams packs for free each month.

Furthermore, users are gaining access to a new AI-powered expansion tool. Let’s assume you took a picture of your cat. However, you magnified the image excessively close and needed a greater amount of the complete photo. You just have to tap on the latest stretch out device to naturally get a reduced picture where the foundation is already completed with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Please keep in mind that these features are only available to Snapchat Plus subscribers, who pay $3.99 a month or Rs. 49 Indian rupees per month for the subscription.

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