Top 5 AI Voice Generators 2024

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By Hiba Akbar

Artificial Intelligence has, without any doubt, revolutionized various industries and companies, and one area where its effect has been particularly profound is voice generation. AI voice generators have taken the globe by storm, offering a new level of versatility in speech synthesis. 

In this article, we will explore one of the best AI voice generators, with some advantages of using voice-over AI generator tools.

Advantages of AI Voice Generators

Here are some advantages of using artificial intelligence voice generators.\

  • Easy-to-use Interface: Most AI Speech Generators are extremely easy to use and user-friendly. Even a beginner can easily make use of it.
  • Feasible Cost: Several AI voice-generating tools are available at an affordable cost, while some are completely free.
  • Less Time Consumption: They save a lot of time while generating the best, high-quality voice-overs.
  • Consistent and Flexible: Artificially generated voice-overs don’t experience a lot of voice problems and produce a consistent output. Moreover, AI voice generators usually offer a diversity of voices, male or female, with adjustable pitches and thicknesses.
  • Accessibility: AI voice-generating tools are accessible to anyone, producing sounds and aiding people with visual disorders or who do not speak native languages.

5 Best AI Voice Generator Tools

We have gathered a list of the best AI voice generators one can use to generate audio. These platforms take a prompt and turn it into a realistic voice.

  • Lovo
  • Murf.AI
  • Audiosonic
  • Speechify
  • Resemble.AI

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1. Lovo


Lovo is a mind-blowing artificial intelligence voice generator that can assist you with producing hyper-practical and attractive AI voice-overs to enamor your crowd. It’s an efficient AI voice generator that can assist you with saving time at a low cost and developing further proficiency.

Lovo AI allows a variety of customizations. It has adjustments in genders as well as accents, all in high quality, providing the best customer service.

Key Features

  • Has a collection of more than 500 AI voices.
  • Several different accents and more than 100 languages.
  • Produces high-quality, human-like voices.
  • You can add pauses and adjust the speed of voice-overs.
  • You can add several voice effects.

2.  Murf.AI


Murf.AI is an optimal instrument for recordings, presentations, podcasts, videos, and audiobooks, and the sky’s the limit from there. Also, the most outstanding aspect is that it creates a sound much like a human voice and permits you to alter the audio, pitch, and tone.

This platform offers numerous customization choices to assist you with making the best, original-sounding voices. It is an incredible asset that gives numerous normal-sounding accents and dialects to look over, as well as a user-friendly interface.

Key Features

  • Consists of approximately 20 languages
  • A diversity of voices (more than 120)
  • There is no limitation in the customization of accent, pitch, tone, etc.
  • Produces high-quality natural voices

3. Audiosonic


Businesses and creators looking to provide exceptional audio experiences to their audience may find that Audiosonic‘s text-to-speech capabilities are a life-changer. By utilizing this software, you can generate your own professional AI voice.

Also, here’s the kicker – it doesn’t simply change over text into audio; it revives words, turning text into amazing, natural voices right away.

Key Features

  • Creates realistic voices, full of emotions and expressions
  • Supports a diversity of languages
  • Time-saving and quick voice generation
  • Audiosonic can incorporate Writesonic and Chatsonic, taking audio creation to a whole different kind of level.

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4. Speechify


One of the most widely used artificial intelligence voice generators, Speechify aids in the creation of voices that are of high quality and very human-like. You can listen to e-books, PDFs, emails, documents, etc., as audio using this platform instead of reading them.

This software is loaded with magnificent highlights and has an easy-to-use interface. You can adjust your listening speed and read up to nine times faster with it, which helps you learn more in less time. Additionally, it is compatible with mobile and web apps.

Key Features

  • Supports more than 30 languages
  • Allows you to listen to anything, regardless of place and time.
  • Allows you to download audio.
  • Audio speeds are adjustable.
  • You can generate character voices.

5. Resemble.AI


Resemble.AI is one of the most intriguing AI voice generator tools, assisting in the generation of a realistic and human-like voice in a matter of seconds. This advanced software offers text-to-speech, language dubbing, neural audio editing, and speech-to-speech.

It is an online stage, offering different choices and an adaptable programming interface. The API can create small clips and fabricate excellent artificially generated voices.

Key Features

  • A collection of 60+ languages.
  • Generate different voices from an audio file.
  • An API ID is offered to generate audio using your video clips.
  • Supports audio editing, video cloning, and much more


AI voice generators have made significant advancements, offering realistic and versatile voice synthesis capabilities. Their applications span across various industries, enhancing entertainment experiences and improving customer interactions. However, it is important to address the ethical and social implications that arise with this technology. 

Regulations and considerations for human talent are necessary to ensure the responsible use of AI voice generators. As we move forward, it is crucial to embrace the potential of AI voice generation while also being mindful of its impact on society.

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Is there a free AI voice generator?

Speechify Studio is the best free AI voice-over generator. Using Speechify, one can create any sort of audio within seconds. It’s just like editing slides.

Is Eleven lab free?

ElevenLabs offers a wide range of cost plans from $5 to $330/month. Nonetheless, it likewise offers a free arrangement that permits clients to produce up to 10,000 character voices each month.

What is the best AI voice maker?

ElevenLabs is the best AI voice maker. It can translate your video and audio files and web links into more than 29 languages in the best dubbing quality.