Cyber Monday Spectacle: Bagging Bargains with Walmart, Amazon, and Target

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By Muhammad Hussain

In the world of online shopping, Cyber Monday is the day to snag fantastic deals without leaving the comfort of your home. It’s like Black Friday, but all the discounts happen online. This year, 

consumers aim to spend an average of $567 during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday (BFCM) shopping period (Nov. 23-27), marking a 13% YoY increase.

Let’s dive into the digital shopping fun!

Digital Shopping Delight

Unlike the in-store chaos of Black Friday, Cyber Monday is all about clicking and saving from your computer or phone. This year, there’s a forecasted 24% increase in online retail shopping, showing that more people are loving the idea of online shopping extravaganzas.

Tech and Furniture in the Spotlight

If you’re into gadgets or want to spruce up your living space, Cyber Monday has your back. Expect some cool deals, especially in electronics, with a 30% discount. Furniture lovers also get a treat with a solid 19% off. 

Walmart’s Online Wonderland

Walmart, the big retail player, started its Cyber Monday sale at 7 pm ET on Sunday. Brace yourself for up to 80% off on clothes, beauty stuff, home goodies, tech toys, and more. 

Tom Ward, Walmart’s online shopping chief, spilled the beans on a new feature called “hearting.” This helps you make a wish list, and when the sale opens, you can quickly grab your favorite stuff before others.

Amazon’s Digital Parade

Amazon is throwing one of the earliest and biggest Cyber Monday sales, running from Saturday to Monday. It’s like an extended Black Friday party with discounts on electronics, toys, home stuff, fashion, beauty, and Amazon devices. They promise big savings and a vast array of deals across the board.

Target’s Two-Day Fiesta

Target is all set for a two-day Cyber Monday sale that started on Sunday. They’re rolling out deals up to 50% off on lots of things like clothes, toys, TVs, and laptops. But the fun doesn’t stop there; Target is keeping the deals coming for a whole week through December. So, you have plenty of time to score some awesome gifts.

For those who love gift cards, Target has something special on December 2-3. Through their loyalty program, Target Circle, you can get 10% off on store gift card purchases up to $500. It’s a nice way to save while picking the perfect gift.

Kohl’s and Best Buy Join the Fun

Kohl’s Cyber Weekend Deals started on Saturday and will keep going until Monday. You can enjoy free shipping on orders over $25 and earn $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent. On Cyber Monday, online shoppers with Kohl’s Rewards get a sweet $10 off a $50 purchase.

Best Buy is hosting a two-day “Cyber Monday Savings Event” that started on Sunday. They’re offering up to 50% off on cool gifts, especially for tech lovers.

Closing the Digital Shopping Cart

As the Cyber Monday carts fill up and online checkouts go wild, this year’s Cyber Monday is shaping up to be a digital shopper’s dream. Walmart, Amazon, and Target are leading the way, making sure there’s something for everyone.

So, get comfy, log in, and enjoy the digital shopping spree before the sale ends. Happy shopping!

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