10 Skills You Need to Become a Social Media Manager in 2024

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By Muhammad Hussain

As we advance into 2024, a social media manager has become critical to maintaining a company’s online footprint. With the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, businesses must connect with their target audience and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. 

As of January 2023, Facebook was the top choice for global marketers, with 89% using it to promote their business and 80% leveraging Instagram for the same purpose. ~ Statista


Becoming a successful social media manager demands a diverse range of skills. These skills include the ability to craft engaging posts that immediately catch the audience’s attention, a thorough comprehension of data analysis to assess the performance of social media campaigns, and the proficiency to handle any obstacles on social media platforms. 

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This blog explores the top skills needed to become a successful social media manager in the digital landscape. 

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

A social media manager does more than just post things on social media. They make sure that a company has a good online reputation and connects with an audience on different social media platforms. They help a company be popular and liked on social media. A social media manager serves as the company’s online voice and strategist.

Social media managers are responsible for developing strategies, creating content, developing online communication skills, monitoring metrics, managing crises and disputes, and running advertisements. Successfully executing these tasks can significantly improve brand visibility.

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Top Skills Needed to Become a Social Media Manager

To excel as a social media manager, one must have a combination of creative, technical, and strategic skills. These skills are necessary for success in this role to be successful. 

Here are some of the top skills you need to excel in this role:

1. Content Creation

A social media manager must have the ability to create captivating and visually appealing content. The content creator needs to have a thorough understanding of the brand to effectively engage their intended audience.

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2. Platform Proficiency

To excel as a social media manager, one must demonstrate unparalleled proficiency on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. This expertise empowers businesses to effectively engage diverse audiences, optimize their brand’s online visibility, and adapt to the constantly evolving digital landscape.

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3. Emerging Platforms and Technologies

Social media managers must be early adopters, exploring innovative platforms and integrating cutting-edge technologies like AR and VR into content strategies. Successful social media managers anticipate and capitalize on the latest trends to stay relevant in the digital landscape.

4. Strategic Planning and Social Media Management

For successful social media management, strategic planning is essential. This process includes establishing clear goals, understanding the target audience, and creating content that aligns with the brand strategy. It also involves selecting appropriate platforms, defining communication tone, keeping up with trends, and monitoring the competition.

5. Adaptability and Flexibility

A successful social media manager must possess adaptability and flexibility to stay ahead of rapidly changing trends and algorithms. They must swiftly anticipate industry shifts, emerging platforms, user behaviors, and pivot strategies to adjust content formats, target methods, and platform features.

6. Communication Skills

A social media manager should develop a consistent brand voice, craft relatable messages, and engage with the online community to build trust and loyalty. Responding promptly to comments and addressing concerns fosters a strong online community.

7. SEO and Social Media Integration

Social media managers play an important role in integrating SEO techniques with social media to enhance a brand’s online visibility and impact. They enhance discoverability on search engines and within social media platforms by incorporating relevant keywords and trending topics.

8. Digital Marketing Strategy

A successful digital marketing strategy involves understanding the target audience and analyzing the competition. Social media managers play an important role in strategy execution, defining the brand’s voice, selecting platforms, and providing compelling content.

9. Managing Crises and Disputes

Social media managers must manage crises and disputes effectively to maintain a positive brand image. They must listen to audience concerns, communicate openly, and have a predefined crisis communication plan. They should elevate issues to appropriate channels within the organization for a coordinated response.

10. Collaboration with Other Departments 

To achieve the brand’s goals, collaboration with departments such as marketing, PR, and customer service is essential. Maintaining a consistent approach requires implementing social media strategies that align with marketing objectives, managing the brand’s reputation, and handling public relations crises through social platforms.


To excel as a social media manager, one must possess a diverse and comprehensive skill set and have a profound understanding of the digital landscape. Social media managers must possess several skills to elevate their job performance. These skills include creating engaging posts, dealing with challenging situations, and more. 

Social media managers must remain committed to professional development as the digital landscape evolves. 

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What skills should a social media manager know?

A social media manager must possess creative, technical, and strategic skills, including engaging content, understanding social media analytics, managing online communities, and managing social media platforms.

What do I need to be a social media manager?

A successful social media manager requires a combination of skills, knowledge, and personal attributes. They must understand social media platforms, trends, content creation, analytics, effective communication, strategic thinking, and adaptability to navigate the dynamic digital landscape.

What are the roles of a social media manager?

The role of a social media manager is to monitor analytics, handle crises, collaborate with departments, stay updated on trends, and integrate SEO.